Welcome to the class website for Writing 3020-200: Comics and the Graphic Novel. On this website you will find the syllabus, schedules, assignment descriptions, readings, useful information and resources.

Course Information:

Instructor: Jaime Kirtz          Section: 3020-200

Time: 9:15-10:50am M-F      Location: HUMN 270

Office: ENVD 1B50C Office Hours: Mon 11am-2pm or by appt.

E-mail: jaime.kirtz@colorado.edu

Course Description:

Graphic novels have been increasingly popular over the past several decades as the topics addressed reflect changing values in society, such as immigration, gender identity, war, mental illness and societal structure. This course examines the genre of graphic novels critically, while exposing students to various forms of writing. The course seeks to understand the media climate in which these novels are produced, circulated and interpreted, while also building skills such as digital literacy, visual rhetoric and critical analysis. Each graphic novel read will have accompanying scholarly work in order for students to practice reading skills as well as functioning to provide examples of academic writing. Thus, our discussion is not one of merely interpreting the texts but their secondary writing and subsequently global conversation about the key role these texts play in many people’s lives. Further students will have the opportunity to combine scholarly writing with creative projects.